Delivering this set today that was a custom order. Client paid $810 (includes $60 delivery and client provided new hardware). I’m also proud to say I am booked solid with custom orders until June 10th. Thanks so much RAMM for everything you do to support and help us grow our businesses. Joining Rebecca’s course was such a smart investment because it has helped me to reach a whole new level of professionalism. I now feel very comfortable giving quotes and writing up my contracts. Very rarely do I have a client not commit. 🙂 I just wanted to remind you all how appreciated you are!

Julia Harrison

Success story! I would of normally priced this at $275 or less yes, I know, but listed for $399 as Rebecca said and sold it less than 20 minutes later on a sale site for $350 whoo hoo y’all! Happy selling!!

Mary McVie Williamson

Success Story! Posted this one for sale on the 18th after getting staging help. I woke up to a message 2 days later from an interested buyer. I delivered to get last night (22nd) for $695 ($45 over suggested pricing) plus $60 for delivery. She didn’t question my price whatsoever. That is the funniest thing to me since this is the highest price I have asked and the only time I was not asked if it was negotiable. 🤔 What a huge difference this has made for me! I couldn’t be more grateful!

Cheryl Golden

This is the first of hopefully many thank you Rebecca posts. A friend has just commissioned me to paint a chest of drawers for her. I already own the piece of furniture having been given them recently by another friend and had posted it as available on my FB page. I followed the course, priced up the job accordingly, did the quote and the paint sample, she signed off with a 50% cash deposit with no ifs or buts. A few months ago would I have given her a cheaper price because she’s a friend and I hadn’t paid money out for the furniture? Probably. But this time I had you, Rebecca whispering in my ear. You’re work is good, you’re worth this price, you’ve got this. It gave me the confidence to do the quote properly, secure the work and interestingly, having started on the commission today I noticed I had more pride and confidence in my work. I don’t feel stressed that I may not make the money back, I know that there is enough profit in it to take my time and I feel CONFIDENT that I will deliver a great piece of furniture for my friend. Thank you :0))

Paula Windsor

Success story. My goal had been $2000/ month. Just blew that out of the water. I had been communicating with a potential customer for almost a month exclusively online. I stuck with it and found her 2 pieces of furniture to match her couch. Prayed and when I delivered to her house I almost cried because it went so perfectly with it. Long story short she hired me to paint all the other pieces in her living room and dining room. It all comes down to following the principles laid out in this course. Staging and good photography pays off. I also feel the video I put on my page introducing myself made her feel more comfortable with me. Thanks again Rebecca Hansen Groskreutz for about the hundredth time!

Linda Cress Robbins

I know no one here knows me, but I am a penny pincher. That being said, it was with great trepidation that I let go of $197 to take Rebecca’s 12-Step Course. It has proven to be one of the most well-spent purchases I’ve ever made. Seriously. Anyone sitting on the fence needs to jump on this if you want to learn and grow and become better at the BUSINESS end of your endeavors. The modules are AWESOME, the people in the Mastermind group are AWESOME and, you guys, she’s adding a Pinterest video series and Etsy info and not raising her price this time!! AWESOME! Do this for YOU in this New Year. You will not be disappointed. [And no, she did not prompt or pay me to say this! LOL]

Tracey Martin

Success story. I finished this hutch on Saturday, delivered to the shop I sell at on Sunday. They are closed Sunday and Monday, so it’s been on the floor since Tuesday. Got a call 5 mins ago that it just sold. I had many people offer lower price points, but I held my ground and got full asking price today. Thank you for the confidence you all have given me to stick to my pricing and not go lower. I value my work much more now after being in this group. Thank you!

Alyson Calhoun

Success Story: In 8 days all, except one sold at full asking. While still new to group and not all staged with RAMM I have learned so much by reading and watching. Without this group I know my pockets wouldn’t be as heavy right now. I increased my prices, which the price sheet has been an excellent resource. I declined the low ballers but thanked them and referred them to Walmart and Tarjay. I worked the marketplace every two days (deleting and reposting) and I worked my FB business page by interacting with sneak peeks and other random post to connect. I boosted on FB once for free ($10 credit coupon) and I paid $10 on another day. Exhausted but on to the next ones. RAMM you are a blessing to us all. We owe it to you to and ourselves to help drive the market up for as hard as we all work. Thank you

Catrece Dockins